Frequently Asked Questions

What is a House Check?

Sarasota House Check is a vacation home watch service in Sarasota FL. A House Check includes a walk-through visual inspection using a customized checklist to check on the overall condition of your home's systems and property. You will receive an emailed report following each House Check of your home. If the House Checker finds an issue or potential problem you will be notified immediately. After Sarasota House Check receives your instructions as to how you want to proceed, such as having us contact your preferred service provider, we can either meet the service provider at your home or contact one of our preferred vendors to arrange for the appropriate service. We can also meet the service provider at your home and monitor completion of any repairs. We also remove junk mail and flyers from your mail box and yard to help create the look of an occupied house.

What qualifies Sarasota House Check to watch over my home?

Sarasota House Checkers are thoroughly trained and certified to observe and describe normal and abnormal findings as they check your home. Sarasota House Check is a registered business with Sarasota county and the state of Florida Sarasota House Check is a leading provider of home watch services in Sarasota FL.

Why do I need Sarasota House Check?

A House Check service is an extremely important service for the seasonal resident or someone seeking vacation home watch services in Sarasota FL. Many issues which can arise when a home is left unattended for any length of time. Regularly scheduled house checks by trained and qualified House Checkers of the interior and exterior of unoccupied homes following a detailed, customized checklist insures all areas of the house are properly checked and any issues are documented. Sarasota House Check cannot prevent roof leaks, air conditioning equipment failure, windows being broken or other system malfunctions and damage that may occur. Our comprehensive House Checks are designed to identify abnormal findings in the early stages and to notify you, the homeowner, so that repair can be initiated and completed before a situation worsens. Several HOA associations in the area and some insurance underwriters require unoccupied units be monitored regularly. Check your HOA documents and and call your insurance broker for specific information pertaining to your home. Sarasota House Check is a reliable and customer oriented vacation home watch service in Sarasota FL.

Can you explain in more detail just what a House Check is?

The specific points of the House Check visit are detailed on our Services page. An overview of the House Check visit follows: * The House Checker reviews the customized checklist for your home that comes up on their iPad when they start the House Check. * As the House Checker completes each step of the checklist, they mark items as completed, make note of any issues and photo document any issues as appropriate. * After review of the report, Sarasota House Check will email you the checklist results, a highlighted list of any issues or concerns, and any supplementary photos. * To expedite the resolution of any significant findings requiring immediate attention, you will be contacted right away.